Every nook and cranny of St. Lawrence is full of history and inspiring stories from the past and preserved by Explore St. Lawrence. Discover our community and then come and visit our walking trails, monuments, and community attractions. 

St. Lawrence Harbour  |  Photo by Edith Clarke


Discover the historical highlights of St. Lawrence and explore our inspiring and tragic history.  

Great coastal views overlooking the harbour in St. Lawrence, enjoy RV parking on serviced lots with water hookup and dumping station. Steps from your door you can explore our museum, take tours, and stop by the gift shop. Within minutes you’ll have access to hiking/walking trails, Shoal Cove Beach, swimming pool, restaurants, pharmacy, liquor express, gas station, grocery store, playground, ATM, potable water dispensing unit, Echoes of Valour Cenotaph and historic sites within town limits. Daily, monthly and off-season rates are available.

An annual civic event, Laurential Days features a parade, traditional food and music, games for children, dances for young and old, and Provincial Challenge Cup Soccer games. Visit a welcoming community shaped by its people, and enjoy its culture of generosity and community spirit. Participate in fun activities for everyone throughout the day and join with fans as they watch a Provincial Challenge Cup Soccer game. A fun-filled festival for all ages.

Discover the heroic story of the St Lawrence miners who saved 186 American sailors from shipwrecked WWII boats: the USS Truxtun, the USS Pollux, and the USS Wilkes. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the shipwreck site or take a guided tour where you’ll learn how miners lived and worked. Embark on a journey to Chamber Cove, the site of the Truxtun shipwreck, and envision the heroism displayed during the rescue. Walk the scenic Bergeron trail and enjoy a picnic lunch along the cragged coastline.

Pick up a handcrafted, one-of-kind jewelry piece, and other specialty products from local cut and polished fluorspar extracted locally from the only fluorspar deposit in Canada. This beautifully-colored stone is set in distinctive jewelry, and each gem is hand-carved and polished in our very own workshop. Add to the experience and polish your own stone.
Open June-August.

A captivating view of Cape Chapeau Rouge, the highest point of the south coast of Newfoundland. Relax in the centre of the community and read about the fascinating history of St. Lawrence. Located on Mannix Causeway in St. Lawrence and implemented by the Age-Friendly Initiative Committee, this scenic area features storyboards showing the fascinating history in photos and text. This is an easy to moderate hiking/walking trail for all ages to the base and an extreme hike from base to top.

An annual memorial service commemorating the victims of the naval shipwreck disaster, the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux is held every Feb. 18, in recognition of the rescuers who helped in the tragedy. The ceremony includes a commemorative wreath-laying ceremony in honour of 203 patriots who lost their lives at Chamber Cove and Lawn Point, St. Lawrence, and in recognition of the humanity and heroism of Newfoundlanders who fought to save them. 

This War and Workers Cenotaph – erected in 1992 by world-renowned sculptor Luben Boykov – is a touching work, standing as tribute to the victims of the devastating mining disease, the sailors who tragically died in the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux disaster on Feb 18,1942, at Chamber Cove and Lawn Point, and a memorial of remembrance to the valiant men who fought and died for our freedom during the World Wars.

Walk the trail of heroism, retrace the steps of rescuers and victims of the WWII disaster, the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux shipwrecks and experience the breathtaking scenery along the coastal region of St. Lawrence.  

The Trails of Valour, a series of walking/hiking trails connecting the Chamber Cove Heritage Walk, the Bergeron Trail, and the Lionel Saint Trail, focuses on the WWII shipwreck disaster of a convoy of American Naval Ships, USS Truxtun, USS Pollux and USS Wilkes. Visit the memorial monument and read the story of the bravery shown by the miners who rescued the sailors. Discover early traces of mining and fishing and explore the fluorspar veins visible along the way. A must for all visitors.

Visit one of the most beautiful beaches on the Burin Peninsula. Relax with family, build sandcastles, experience whale watching, berry picking, hiking or kayaking. A destination for tourists, Shoal Cove Beach is an ocean paradise in the town of St. Lawrence where you can enjoy family picnics and beach volleyball. Appreciate the breathtaking views of blue waves and sandy shores. 

A delightful trail for all ages, great for hiking enthusiasts, a photographer’s paradise from sunrise to sunset. View the historic town of St. Lawrence from this scenic coastline. Overlooking the Town of St. Lawrence, this landmark for Basque Fishermen, was used to guide them to safe harbours. Explore the spectacular scenery on the coastal route with many rest stations along the boardwalk and gravel path. An easy to moderate hiking/walking trail for all ages. Distance 4.5 kms.

Visit our quaint Lunch Tin Café, adjacent to the St. Lawrence Miners Museum. Steeped in history and culture, a down-to-earth and friendly atmosphere serving all your lunchtime needs. Take a tour at the museum, pick up a snack, and enjoy a picnic on your walk to the Chamber Cove Trail. Packed lunches are available to those who want to explore all St. Lawrence has to offer. Be sure to try our delicious tea buns and cheesecake, or sit down for a traditional Newfoundland meal. We are open daily from 10-3.

The Veterans Memorial Monument stands as a tribute to all veterans who served, past, present, and future, from St. Lawrence and Little St. Lawrence. It’s a special place to pay respects, to remember, and to educate the youth on the heroism of all veterans. Our committee is dedicated to honouring those who have fallen and those who continue to serve.

Sir Richard Clarke was captain and navigator of the Delight, the flagship vessel of Sir Humphry Gilbert’s 1583 exploratory fleet staking out New World territory for the British crown. Clarke and his crew drifted here in a lifeboat after the Delight was shipwrecked off Sable Island.

Gilbert’s voyage had left England with five ships, but only four would make it across the Atlantic – the Golden Hind, the Delight, the Squirrel and the Swallow. They entered St. John’s and claimed the land 200 leagues on either side for England. Humphry then continued to explore westward towards the St. Lawrence River, travelling aboard the fleet’s smallest vessel so he could explore close to the shore.

Near Sable Island, a navigational disagreement between Humphry and Clarke led to catastrophe and the Delight was smashed on the rocks. Clarke and 16 men were saved by a small boat they happened to have in tow, but 85 or more sailors were lost, along with many provisions for the voyage. Clarke and his crew then drifted for about a week in thick fog, with little water, no food and only one oar.

They finally landed here in Little St. Lawrence harbor, where they were nourished and renewed by salmon from the nearby river. They compared this waterway to the great St. Lawrence River, and so the town was named St. Lawrence. Sir Richard Clarke and company spent only a few days here before making their way along the shore to Burin, where good fortune would find Basque fishermen and a means of transport back to the European continent.

After the loss of the Delight, Humphry’s voyage was abandoned. The two ships, the Golden Hind and the Squirrel turned back to England. Despite pleas for Gilbert to travel aboard the larger Golden Hind, he remained on the smaller Squirrel, which was swallowed by the sea in a storm off the Azores. The Golden Hind was the only vessel to complete the voyage, and its captain, Edward James, wrote in great detail about the voyage.


St. Lawrence is a tight-knit community, offering a quiet, supportive way of life. Explore St. Lawrence is working to make our town and the Burin Peninsula more prosperous for us all.