Since the 1500’s, St. Lawrence has been welcoming visitors to its stunning harbour, opening its doors and sharing its stories with people from around the world. 

Since then, we’ve become soccer champions, survived a tsunami, rescued American sailors during the Second World War, served as home to a major mining operation, and weathered the storms of countless fishing seasons. 

St. Lawrence is resurging as a must-visit destination with the people, our stories, and culture being the highlight of every trip.

Memorial Room, Miners Museum  |  Photo by: John Doe

1583 St. Lawrence was named by a group of shipwrecked sailors who came to the New Found Land in 1583 with Sir Humphrey Gilbert.
Mid-1700s People began to settle permanently in St. Lawrence.
1784 Newmans opened its store in Little St. Lawrence and business was soon rivalling that of St. John's.
1843 Fluorspar deposits had been noted in the area.
Nov. 18, 1929 The Grand Banks earthquake occurred, killing 27 or 28 people and leaving 1,000 or more homeless.
1933 Fluorspar mining began in St. Lawrence.
Feb. 18, 1942 The USS Truxton and USS Pollux ran aground near Chamber Cove, killing more than 200 American soldiers, although the citizens of St. Lawrence frantically helped save many of the 186 survivors.
1954 The U.S. Navy built a hospital at St. Lawrence in gratitude for their work in saving so many during the Truxton and Pollux groundings.
1978 The Fluorspar mine in St. Lawrence was closed.
1970s, ’80s, and ’90s The Laurentians were named the Soccer Team of the Decade.
1992 The Echoes of Valour Memorial was erected in dedication of the mining industry in St. Lawrence, the sailors who died in the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux disaster, and those who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.
2001 Canada Fluorspar Inc. announced preparations to reopen the fluorspar mine.
2005 St. Lawrence Centennial Soccer Field was listed as one of the Historic Places in Canada.
2006 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro announces a wind farm will be erected in St. Lawrence.




St. Lawrence is a tight-knit community, offering a quiet, supportive way of life. Explore St. Lawrence is working to make our town and the Burin Peninsula more prosperous for us all.